Kevin Love admitted Tuesday that he feels more appreciated and respected with Team USA than he does the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Love started 22 games and played just 28.7 minutes per game for the lowly Timberwolves last season.

"Yes," he responded when asked if he felt more appreciated by Team USA than Minnesota. "Just a solid yes."

"I don't want to come off sounding like a prima donna or sound like I'm complaining or anything," Love clarified. "I just feel like, since I've been here, it's really been a great team atmosphere. We feel like we have a chance to win this whole thing. I think everybody is just coming in with a great attitude and appreciating everybody as a whole, and really becoming a family.

"I'm just saying in a 15-win season, last year with the Timberwolves, a lot of stuff happened...a lot of new players...we had blown up that team. Heading into this year, we need to just start becoming a family, kind of like it is here, and integrate that family atmosphere into the Timberwolves."

Team USA center Tyson Chandler is just one person that doesn't understand why the Timberwolves haven't featured Love more.

"I can't speak for their organization, but I definitely know when we play against them, he's almost No. 1 on the scouting report, as far as big guys go," Chandler said. "[The coaches] definitely pay attention [to him]. They talk about him being the first player on the floor."