Austin Rivers will attend Duke in the fall and may share a backcourt with Austin Rivers, should the freshman decide not to declare for the draft.

"He has a lot on his mind," said Rivers. "I think he’s probably 50/50 right now about leaving, but if he does go, he’ll go high (in the draft). I sure would love to play with him. If Kyrie does leave, I’ll probably play a little bit at both (guard positions) when I get there. Quinn (Cook) will mostly play the point, and sometimes I might be kind of an aggressive point (guard)."

Rivers also explained that being the son of a former NBA player and current coach had its challenges.

"I was probably hated before I ever even stepped on the court. People probably thought I was a spoiled kid. That always motivated me. People yell things at you from the stands. I think when I was a freshman, it probably got to me a little bit sometimes, but now I use it as motivation. The funny thing is, a lot of those same guys who yell things at you from the stands come down after the game and shake your hand and want to get their picture taken with you. They’re just fans. They love the game and they’re just doing their job."