Baron Davis laments the way Golden State's run of competitive basketball ended so quickly.

"I think about that a lot," Davis said after Cavs practice on Monday. "We were the most talked about team in the league. We were playing winning basketball. And then ... "

Davis sees similar traits with the Cavaliers as what he experienced when he joined the Warriors in 2005.

"It's the same situation as Golden State," Davis said. "Different weather, mind you. But the energy is here. I step into a situation with a bunch of young guys. The organization is great. We have really good folks that are going to push us and push me back to the top. I see this as an opportunity, more so than anything, for me to get back to where I am able to do the things that I am capable of doing."

Davis doesn't regret his decision to sign with the Clippers and the time allowed him to save his legs and approach the game from more of a cerebral vantage point.

"My game has transitioned a lot," Davis said. "I've been able to study the game and watch the game by playing a different way. I've been kind of missing that fast-break style, the way we played with the Warriors. That's what was promised to me, that I was going to have an opportunity to run up and down the floor. The freedom wasn't there. I went to L.A. and basically played within a box. Now, I can get outside that box again."