JaVale McGee's triple-double on Tuesday against the Chicago Bulls received a negative reaction from many pundits who believed that McGee went to seemingly embarrassing means to reach the milestone feat in the midst of a blowout loss.

NBATV analyst Kevin McHale called it a “bad triple-double” and described it as “terrible.” But McGee said on Wednesday that he doesn’t care about the negative criticism that followed.

“I got a triple-double,” McGee said. “Who can say they got a triple-double? I’m not really worried about it.”

Coach Flip Saunders called the plays down the stretch for McGee to get the final point needed for the triple-double and said he spoke with his third-year center about the disapproving response to his accomplishment.

"I told him the most impressive thing, rather than the triple-double, was the 12 blocks —because those were legit,” Saunders said. “Sometimes in games, assists, there’s a question. You give a guy the ball, a guy takes three dribbles and some places give him an assist. A blocked shot, there’s no ifs, ands or buts. You either block it or you don’t.