Dwyane Wade and LeBron James are developing a "trick bag", according to Sixers coach Doug Collins.

Wade is controlling the ball late in games, which lets LeBron James be used in a simple pick-and-roll.

James has been accustomed to playing with the ball in his hands in crunch time, but it appears Wade and Erik Spoelstra have convinced him to try something new.

“I think he's starting to see that this can open up his overall game, and he's going to want to do it more," Wade said last week.

On Friday, Wade had 39 points and 18 in the fourth quarter.

With James playing power forward and the other three players drawing attention away from the action, getting James and Wade in space to play a classic two-man game was unstoppable versus the Sixers.

“When you put LeBron at [power forward], that’s his best position,” Collins said. “That’s where he is a monster because you can’t guard him. When they go small, and that’s what you’re going to see in the playoffs, as much as Chris Bosh probably doesn’t want to play center … they’re tough.”

“LeBron is doing a good job of mixing up his game some,” Wade said. “Handling the ball, being a screener, getting the ball in different positions.”