When the Toronto Raptor's All-Star power forward Chris Bosh signed with the Miami Heat, Andrea Bargnani became the team's go-to-guy, whether he was ready for it or not. The Raptors first overall pick from 2006 was suddenly thrust into the spotlight.

"He is the franchise guy now," concluded Raptors veteran Reggie Evans.  

Bargnani has taken on the role as leading scorer for the Raptors, averaging over 20 points per game in every month this season.

But as a seven-footer, Bargnani has to be reminded that a five rebound average isn't normally acceptable for a starting big man in the NBA.

"I have to keep getting better at other aspects starting from the three-point line, defense, and rebounding," said Bargnani.  "Everybody can see the numbers.  Offensively the numbers are there, I have to get better at rebounding."