The NBA continues to work toward resolving issues it hopes will make the New Orleans Hornets more attractive to a local buyer.

NBA Commissioner David Stern said during his annual pre-playoff conference call Friday they continue to receive inquires from people expressing interest.

“When people call and express an interest,`we say ‘terrific, we’ll take you to a game, take you to a meal, and put you in the queue, so we can be ready to talk to you when we are ready for this asset to be sold,’ ’’ Stern said. “We’re not pursuing local ownership at this time.

“The direction that Jac Sperling and Hugh Weber are taking is to make this team desirable for local ownership, or ownership that intends on keeping it in New Orleans.’’

The Hornets ranked 26th in the 30-team league, averaging 14,709 per game at the New Orleans Arena.