Tyson Chandler and Jason Terry gave coach Rick Carlisle a healthy share of the blame for the Mavericks’ fourth quarter collapse against the Blazers in Game 3.

Chandler and Terry brought up the lack of adjustments when asked how the Dallas defense could go from dominant through three quarters to dreadful. Shawn Marion, who complained about being treated like a "rag doll" during last year's playoffs, was also miffed he spent most of the fourth quarter on the bench instead of getting a chance to guard Roy before the three-time All-Star had heated into a ridiculous zone.

They were pointing out the obvious. They were also pointing the finger at Carlisle, although nobody called him out by name.

“We didn't make any adjustments, period,” Chandler said. “We didn't make any adjustments guarding him on the floor and we didn't make any adjustments any time. It was obvious."

Carlisle implored the Mavs to “stick together” during his postgame address in the losers’ locker room.