While Rajon Rondo has averaged 12 assists a game against the Heat this season, the rest of his offensive numbers (7.5 points a game, 37 percent shooting) have been subpar.

"It doesn't matter,'' Rondo insisted. "I'm going to attack those guys. I'm going to make them do their job. I'm driving right at them. If they block my shot, then they do.

"If they're blocking my shot, who is guarding Ray and Paul? It's about adjustments. If they block my shot the first time, then the second time, I'm doing something different.''

Rondo shot 53 percent from the line against New York, but insists his days of worrying about making them are over.

"I'm not thinking about that anymore,'' he said. "If I get to the line and get us into the penalty, then it makes it better for Paul when he makes a baseline cut. When he gets fouled, then he's at the line. Two shots.
"It helps him get into his rhythm, along with Ray. If Ray is fouled with the ball and we're in the penalty, he's going to the line. That's two shots, two points.''