The Lakers gathered to watch film in their downtown Dallas hotel Saturday, for what could be their last day of practice this season should the Mavericks complete the sweep on their home court Sunday, and there was a new movie edited in to the game footage they watched.

It wasn't "Hoosiers," or "Miracle," nor was it "Rocky," "Rudy," or any other inspirational sports meme.

Nope, with the back-to-back defending champions on the ropes, the Lakers watched their failures from Game 3 followed by scenes from "Jackass."

And it wasn't done just for a laugh or to lighten the mood either.

"The things they do are dumb," guard Shannon Brownsaid. "And the mistakes we were making in the game were dumb too."

The decision to go with the Johnny Knoxville approach, rather than Knute Rockne, came from Lakers coach Phil Jackson.