Enes Kanter -- who is projected as a top-five pick despite the fact that teams haven't seen him play since last year's Nike Hoop Summit in Portland -- convinced NBA executives that he has the stamina to play heavy minutes right away.

He lasted approximately 21 minutes on a brutal treadmill test that includes steep inclines, declines and sprints, putting himself atop the big man class when it comes to being dedicated about his body.

"He went 21-plus minutes on the treadmill test, and only five guys -- plus Enes -- [did that] and four of them were guards," Ergul told SI.com. "[NBA officials] said that was the first time in the draft in modern history that had happened, that no 6-11-plus guys ever finished 21-minutes-plus on the treadmill test ... People don't realize how prepared this kid is, how dedicated he is."

Yet the talk surrounding Kanter in Chicago had much more to do with the fact that he didn't sit down for interviews with Utah (No. 3, No. 12 picks), Toronto (No. 5) and Milwaukee (No. 10). Those non-meetings raised questions about whether Kanter's camp was avoiding certain teams, but Ergul said that wasn't entirely the case. They were only avoiding the Bucks.

"The only one I really didn't care for him [to go to] is Milwaukee," Ergul said. "I'll be honest ... it came out all wrong. [Utah general manager] Kevin [O'Connor] knew about it ... We called them, and it was because in next two weeks I had a feeling we were going to see each other extensively, so there's no reason for that [interview].”