The next Reggie could be Washington State's 6-foot-7 shooting guard Klay Thompson, who for weeks the Knicks felt wouldn't be around at 17, but now feel there's a chance.

Knicks general manager Donnie Walsh had told confidants for weeks Thompson reminded him of Miller as they are both 6-7, lithe, silky smooth from the perimeter and grew up in Southern Califorina, both playing in the Pac-10. Sure enough Thompson said Wednesday the Knicks president told him the same thing.

"Donnie Walsh told me that after I worked out for the New York Knicks," Thompson told the Racine Journal Times after working out for the Bucks Wednesday. "I shot the ball pretty well in their workout and, because we have similar builds and similar size, Donnie told me how I really, strongly reminded him of Reggie Miller."

Thompson's workout with the Knicks on June 2 flew under the radar because he was in the same group as BYU's superstar Jimmer Fredette. But Thompson outshot Fredette that day during the 3-point drill, bagging a sensational 21 of 25 3-pointers.