Kevin Garnett shared his thoughts on the NBA's lockout on Thursday during an interview on the Dan Patrick Show.

"As a fan you just want to see sports, but it's the business part of it that you have to pay attention to," said Garnett. "You never want things slowing that down.

"You trust no one in this, to be honest. You know you trust the players, because we're communicating and negotiating. But you never trust the other side. Because you don't know what they're thinking and they don't know what you're thinking. You're trying to come to some common ground going forward."

Garnett was asked if he believes the owners want the season to be canceled.

"I don't know. I'm not on the owners' side. I don't know what they want ... You say that and you hear that, and, you know, you don't understand some of the motives of some of this. We have a stand that we're going to take on this whole issue. I think at the end of the day common ground will be found. At the end of the day this game is too beautiful. I think with everything that's going on and all the storylines that surround our game, I can't see just throwing away the season."