David Stern has enough support from ownership to "tweak" some of the system issues that remains points of contention with the union to get a labor deal agreed upon on Wednesday.

“There can be a few things tweaked along the edges, the periphery and this can be agreed upon,” one ownership source told Yahoo! Sports. “I’m confident that would not be an issue if [Stern] did that.”

“It will be a very slight budge,” one high-ranking management source said.

Stern is working under a self-imposed deadline of Wednesday to reach agreement on a deal, otherwise the players have been promised a lesser offer.

“But there’s not enough of [the hardline owners]," said one ownership of getting an even better deal from the players. "Most are not thrilled with current deal, but would take it. But as time goes on and more losses pile up, a majority will need more than the 50-50 deal.”