The primary role of Ed Stefanski is to prevent Bryan Colangelo from deviating away from Toronto's plan of preserving cap space for 2012.

“Every time I kind of get lured back in (to the free agent frenzy) it proves Ed’s worth to the equation because he has said, ‘Hey, I will tackle you on the way to the phone’ if you want to pursue that,” Colangelo said Wednesday.

The Raptors will add Jonas Valanciunas and could be a player in the free agent market.

“Everyone up here is obviously very competitive and when you have cap space and you have a chance to use money and you see names out there, you get excited because we could improve the team quickly,” he said. “We really have to be careful when some of these names are sexy to us right now when we have some money but we are going to get better in the next couple of years and to spend that money right now, as Bryan said, is not a wise situation.

“It’s a lot easier as the No. 2 guy to slow the No. 1 guy down because we want to get better and we want to get better as soon as possible, but we have to stay the course.”