In a column responding to the NBA's decision to block a three-team trade by the Hornets of Chris Paul to the Lakers, Adrian Wojnarowski writes that many of the owners were already upset at David Stern for rushing the start of the season in order to begin on Christmas Day. That rush resulted in the NBA relenting on several of the rules that would help prevent giving too much power to superstar players.

The NBA continued its fight against superstar players with the decision to block the Paul trade even though the labor battle is over.

"Stern deemed the trade unacceptable for 'basketball reasons,' and that’s laughable considering how little that league office knows about basketball, appreciates it, or was even willing to give it a chance to be credible this season with so many games jammed into so few days, with such little preseason," writes Wojnarowski.

Dell Demps had kept NBA VP Stu Jackson briefed on talks throughout the process and Stern had promised not to interfere in the Paul situation.

“If [management] recommends it, then we’re going to be approving it,” Stern had said.