Kobe Bryant might view Andrew Bynum as the third banana behind himself and Pau Gasol, but Bryant sees much more in Bynum than just that.

“We all know the amount of talent that he has, and he’s really worked on it,” Bryant said after Bynum’s 21-point, 22-rebound effort Tuesday night against Houston. “The thing that I like about him is that he has an engine inside of him and he wants to do well. He wants to dominate. He has ambition to be great. I think that’s the biggest positive about him aside from all of the physical attributes.”

For his part, Gasol smiled when Bynum snatched a rebound away from him late in the game.

“It’s not just tonight, but the way he’s played these three games,” Gasol said. “He’s been really aggressive and really decisive and just pursuing every ball, pretty much. I’m glad to see him with this level of intensity and energy and desire, because it takes desire and will.”