Chicago may be a logical landing place for Dwight Howard. With fellow Adidas superstar Derrick Rose a member of the Bulls, and Joakim Noah a defensive big man who could be sent to Orlando in a trade, Howard could wind up joining Rose. 

Adidas would be delighted with that turn events, as the Nike rival ironically locks down the major Chicago market that Michael Jordan once ruled.

A report in December from Adrian Wojnarowski countered that Adidas would prefer not to have their two big stars in the same market.

The Knicks could also emerge as a potential destination for Howard.

Sources tell Ken Berger not to be surprised if a trade sending Amar'e Stoudemire back to his native central Florida for Howard begins to gain traction.  Stoudemire's uninsurable knees and James Dolan's willingness to sign off on a trade parting with the All-Star forward are seen as the two biggest obstacles to such a deal.  It could also be that the Knicks would have to include Tyson Chandler in any such discussion with the Magic.