Jerry Sloan has not ruled out a return to the NBA.

"I think if the right situation came along, whatever that is," Sloan said before pausing to ponder. "I don't know what the right situation is. We'll have to wait and see, I guess."

Sloan coached in the NBA for 23 seasons and racked up 1,221 wins.

"My energy level has changed a great deal since I quit coaching," said Sloan, who is an avid walker. "It's changed a lot now. I've had time to work out. I feel better.

"I had a chance to relax, to do something that I haven't had the time to do in 30 years. That's rewarding. You have time to spend with the family and have Thanksgiving and things like that. I enjoyed all of that. But [returning to coaching] is a decision where, if somebody talked to me, I'd review the situation like anybody else and take it from there."