The comeback of Greg Ostertag has come to an end after 10 D-League games due to knee pain.

"I could barely move (after Reno)," Ostertag said "I felt good there and I played good. I get out there and sometimes I do get loose, but usually the 'don'ts' are longer than the 'dos.' It sucks, but I knew going into this what could happen."

Ostertag averaged 4.3 points, 5.0 rebounds and 13.3 minutes in 10 games with Texas.

"I regret quitting when I did," he said about when he retired from the NBA in 2006.

Ostertag thought he played some good minutes with the Texas Legends.

"But I just can't move the way I need to," he added. "These guys are young and fast. Some of them were just getting out of diapers when I came into the league."