Nicolas Batum is okay with the fact that he’ll become a restricted free agent this summer.

“I’m good with everything,” Batum said, expressing relief that the extension deadline had passed. “The toughest part was that I don’t know what was going to happen. But now I know. And, OK, it’s bad because we didn’t reach a deal. But I’m good because I’m finally done with it. I don’t care about it now. Free agency is in July. We’re in January, so I don’t think about it right now.”

Batum has performed below his own expectations thus far this season.

“I know I can do much more,” Batum said. “I’m not really satisfied by myself right now.”

Blazers coach Nate McMillan has encouraged Batum to be more aggressive in looking for opportunities to score.

“I have to be more aggressive,” Batum said. “I know this. As soon as I step on the floor, I have (to have) the mindset to be ready, like Oakland. Coach said, ‘Now I want you to play like that every night. I don’t know if you were (ticked) off or more focused because the contract.’ I told him I’m more ready.”