Jazz guard Earl Watson underwent laser therapy to rehabilitate a severely sprained ankle. Watson returned to action just three days after sustaining the injury, scoring 8 points and handing out 11 assists in a win over the Lakers.

"I got lucky that I have some good people to work with me," Watson said. "I came back to Utah and had the training staff with me all morning. I was able to run. I was lucky."

Watson was treated by Dr. Michael Sheps, whose laser therapy "combines a unique wavelength, 940 nm and high power to provide optimal tissue penetration and enhanced biostimulatory effects, resulting in more effective treatment of acute and chronic pain in his patients."

"No one's ever heard of this guy, so it was kind of like, 'Whatever, OK. Yeah, if you think it works,'" Watson said, smiling. "He's amazing. He's incredible. He's helped me throughout my whole career."

Watson said he had four laser sessions on Thursday night and Friday morning, and his swelling reduced dramatically because of the patented process.