Dwight Howard scored 11 points on 5-for-15 shooting in a 99-94 win over the Bucks on Saturday, but did not touch the ball on Orlando’s final 14 possessions. The Magic scored on all but two of those possessions and outscored the Bucks 16-0 during the final six minutes of the period.

"I do want the ball more in the fourth quarter," a frustrated Howard said after the game.

"I want to become a closer. The only way you get there is by getting the ball and have coach have the confidence in giving me the ball.

"That’s how Kobe (Bryant) and the rest of the great fourth-quarter players got that way. It’s trial and error. When Kobe first got in the league, it took him a while to become the killer he is in the fourth quarter now. That’s because he went through that phase where he had to learn what shots to take and just get confidence in taking shots in the fourth quarter.

"That’s one thing that I want for myself, so I can become the guy who finishes games for my team. I want to be that guy whose team wants him to close games out for them. Coach just needs to have confidence in me."