Despite inconsistency in his production and trade rumors, Rajon Rondo has never lost the trust of Doc Rivers in running the offense.

Rivers acknowledged recently that he is encouraging Rondo to take more control of calling the offense.

“I don’t look at his numbers, I look at the way,’’ Rivers said. “He’s starting to make calls. There’s no guy on the floor who should know how it should be run better than the point guard.

“And if he has a feel for your team, then I’d rather have him make the call. That’s why you saw [Sunday] he would look at me and say, ‘I don’t know what to call,’ and then you give him a call, but it’s sensational when he doesn’t look.’’

Rivers has never entrusted a point guard with the control of an offense as he does Rondo.

“Rondo is the only one, he really is, in all the years I’ve coached,’’ said Rivers, “and the reason you give it to him is he is the smartest one.

“He’s the smartest point guard I’ve ever been around, and he deserves it. He knows the playbook.

“We talk about the playbook. He knows it. He knows plays from three years ago. In that way, he’s a brilliant player.’’