J.R. Smith has so far struggled to fit in with the Knicks.

Smith played limited minutes in the second half on Friday and was visibly upset while sitting on the bench.

“I mean, whenever I don’t play the way I feel I’m accustomed to playing I’m definitely going to be frustrated,” Smith said on Friday. “I’ve got to do a better job of channeling it to a positive energy for my team.”

Smith seems to prefer his role as a sixth man where he can take a bigger role in the offense.

“It’s a different style of play with the second unit to the first unit.” Smith said. “The first unit we know who’s going to get the ball, we know what they’re expecting, they know what’s going on. The second unit, if the first person don’t have it we swing it, if the next person don't have it we swing it. We play like that. It's a lot easier to play with the second unit than the first.”

Mike D’Antoni, according to sources, privately feared that Smith’s impulsive behavior could have a negative impact on the team.