The Magic plan on trading Dwight Howard if they do not receive a commitment from him beyond the current season, according to sources.

"Dwight's dreaming if he thinks Orlando won't trade him without a commitment,'' a source said. "He needs to make some small commitment to them. They're saying it can't be one way.''

Orlando is convinced Howard is attempting to manipulate the situation. Sources say the Magic are incensed with Dan Fegan, who represents Howard, and is the driving force behind his push to leave the team.

Reports emerged on Tuesday that Howard hoped to sign with the Nets outright in free agency in order to allow his new team to retain their assets.

The Magic have told the Nets and Lakers, amongst other teams, to begin bidding for Howard.

The Nets are hoping to trade for Howard, which would bring certainty to their situation as the Mavericks remain a threat for Howard and Deron Williams.

The Lakers remain interested in Howard, though they have been more active in pursuing a trade of Pau Gasol and to add a point guard.

Orlando is interested in a trade with the Knicks for Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler, according to sources. New York has discussed the deal internally but have been given no assurance Howard would remain with the team in the long-term.