Steve Nash is almost certain to remain with the Suns through the deadline.

"Everyone else is more worried about [my future] than I am," said Nash. "There is so much talk of it, it's almost become noise now."

While Nash has had an excellent season at the age of 38, the Suns are on the outside of the Western Conference playoff picture.

Nash isn't going to request a trade and isn't anxious to play for a more competitive team.

"If I get the chance to compete for a championship, that would be great," says Nash. "If I don't, there is still a lot of reward to be had. It's an interesting dichotomy. In one respect I want to win a championship, but not at all costs. I'm not just going to chase one. I feel a sense of loyalty to my teammates. Maybe there is a time you part ways, maybe there is not."

Nash will strongly consider re-signing with the Suns. Nash highly values the training staff, quality of life in the Phoenix area and the Suns can also pay him the most money.