Anthony Davis will single-handedly change the fortune of an NBA franchise, according to one head personal evaluator.

"He's a franchise player," said the NBA talent evaluator. "This guy is unreal. He's going to shift whatever team gets him, like what Blake Griffin did to the Clippers, despite all of their problems, because he was just that good."

Davis could be the most highly touted big man to come out of college since Tim Duncan.

"You're talking about a [6-10] guy with a 7-5 wingspan that can handle the ball on the perimeter, shoot threes," said the talent evaluator. "And it's not like he's at any sort of apex in his development -- there's no reason to think he won't keep getting better, since he's already a late bloomer due to that growth spurt."

Davis grew eight inches between his junior and senior years of high school.