NCAA president Mark Emmert has talked rather emphatically during the past year about his desire to require scholarship athletes to remain in school longer.

"I've made no secret that I would prefer to have a different model. It would be nice if that were the case," Emmert said. "The reality is that in any one year we've got, maybe 15 out of 5,500 kids who are one-and-done's. They get an enormous amount of attention, but they are a tiny fraction of the student-athletes who compete in basketball and compete in this tournament."

Some have suggested the NCAA allow an Olympic-style system of sponsorship and support for student-athletes.

"There's a fundamental problem with the comparison,” Emmert said. “Nobody competes to recruit Olympians. When we have a really great rower, Sweden doesn't come over and say, 'We have a sweetheart of a sponsorship deal for you if you move to Sweden.' If we allowed a sponsorship model, it's entirely possible that Auburn and Alabama might compete over who could come up with the sweetest sponsorship deal."