Jim Calhoun said that Jeremy Lamb is nearing a decision on whether to enter the NBA draft.

“I think Jeremy is closer [to a decision] than Andre [Drummond],” Calhoun said. “At one point I think Andre thought he needed another year, which we do too. But that’s a decision he has to make. With Jeremy, all the [NBA] guys I’ve talked to, a lot of them think he would go No. 5 or No. 6. If a guy is going to go No. 5 or No. 6, I have a tough time telling him he can’t go.”

Calhoun said that Drummond could have the same impact as Anthony Davis, if he returns to UConn next season.

"I don’t think it makes any difference when Andre leaves,” Calhoun said. “Could he be an Anthony Davis type? Yeah, he could be. He’s not doing that right now, but he could.”