Otis Smith wasn't asked by Dwight Howard to fire Stan Van Gundy.

"He never asked me, I didn't have that knowledge," Smith said.

Van Gundy went public with a confirmation that someone from the Magic front office told him of Howard's wishes.

"If he did ask he's wrong, and for Stan to address it in public that is wrong," Otis Smith said.

Smith also confirmed Saturday that Van Gundy will coach the Magic through the rest of the season.

Van Gundy told the Orlando Sentinel on Saturday that he wants to finish the season as head coach.

"I don't have a scenario in my head where I wouldn't," Van Gundy told the newspaper. "They're going to have to make decisions. But I'm a basketball coach and I know this: I don't want to go anywhere else. I mean, I love Orlando, and this is where I want to be. And I want to coach."