Le'Bryan Nash had a difficult time adjusting to the talent equality of major-college basketball.

"When you get to college, it changes," said Nash, noting he was able to get to the basket whenever he wanted in high school. "Everybody has got the same skill level (in college). Nobody would be playing D-I if they weren't good."

Oklahoma State coach Travis Ford said Nash was accustomed to getting by on talent.

"Nobody ever told him any different, how hard this was going to be," Ford said. "He really grasps it now. I think he really understands (that) if I want to get to where our team wants to be and to where I would like to be, to the next level, then there is more than just showing up. There is more than just reputation."

Nash, a top-10 prospect in the class of 2011, plans to spend more time at the wing and less time in the post, according to Ford.

"He can be great. He really can," Ford said.