Gregg Popovich initially underestimated Kawhi Leonard’s offensive versatility.

"His offense is better than I thought it was. I short-changed him in my mind to start and in my head I was going to try to turn him into Bruce Bowen," Popovich said. "That was his role and it still is."

Leonard has the potential to make a similar defensive impact. But unlike Bowen, Leonard also has the ability to put the ball on the floor and finish in the paint.

"Kawhi guards the toughest perimeter player on the other team. He's got great length. A great body. Has an inclination to do it. He enjoys the role. He's more gifted than Bruce, skillwise," Popovich said. "Once we figured that out we opened up for him and he worked very hard on his shot, especially his three-point shot. (Assistant coach) Chip England has spent a lot of time with him on that so he's got confidence. He lets it fly. He's not Chris Mullin yet but we don't mind when he takes his open threes."

Leonard is shooting 49 percent on corner three-pointers.