Two years removed from being fired as coach of the Sixers, Eddie Jordan is his first year as the coach of the D.C. Assault 17U team, a prominent AAU program from Washington D.C.

“It took me this long to get me where I really wanted to be,” said Jordan, who coached nine seasons in the NBA. “Frankly, I wanted to coach middle school and high school kids. I was raised in southeast Washington D.C. It was a tough environment.

“I saw what my high school and middle school coach did and said, ‘This is what you can do to affect kids and make a difference and change kids’ lives.’”

Jordan would not commit to a return to the NBA.

“I’ve made a great living at the college level and in the NBA and I don’t want to retire,” Jordan. “I think I could coach another 8 to 10 years in the big leagues, but if it comes it comes.

“At this level, they’re talented, they’re respectful. There’s not the other drama you have to deal with. That’s how basketball was years ago.”