Quincy Miller suffered a torn ACL before his freshman season at Baylor, and at least one NBA executive doubts that Miller properly rehabilitated the injury.

“He needs to spend these couple of months actually working out and rehabbing, and he never did it,” said a Central exec. "He clearly never rehabbed. The atrophy in his leg was incredible. If he gets his leg strength back, he's Durant-like in his ability to get a shot off. He's 6-10 and he can snap his shot off with no trouble."

"The knee thing, that's a tougher read," a Pacific executive said. "How and where does that end up? Is he still getting better? Is he leveling off? He's a really skilled, talented guy, but the knee makes it a little bit of an enigma."

Miller struggled to maintain a high level of consistency.

"He was really up and down this year," one college scout said. "You look at his game logs, they were all over the place. He's a future pick. He may end up being picked by a pretty good team and they might get something down the road. But he could be picked in the Lottery because somebody decides they'd rather gamble on something like that than take a guy who's more polished and is closer to his ceiling."