Jason Kidd will not try to talk Deron Williams into coming to the Mavericks even though the two are friends.

“I won’t have any influence on D-Will’s decision,” Kidd said during Sunday’s exit interviews. “I only joke because we have the same agent and we’ll probably play a lot of golf this summer together, and so [there is] a lot of speculation. But he’s his own man and he’s going to make the right decision for what fits best for him to try to win a championship.”

Dirk Nowitzki said Williams would be a great fit with the Mavericks.

“It’s obviously way too early,” Nowitzki said. “It’s May and he knows he’s got a big decision to make. It’s obvious that we’d love to have him, but so would a lot of other teams, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens there this summer.

“I was fortunate enough to spend some time around him during All-Star games. He’s a great dude and he’s from here, so I think it would be a great fit, but hey, that’s not my decision.”