Mike Krzyzewski confirmed that Lamar Odom is still part of the talent pool that could play in this summer’s Olympic Games.

“I felt bad that the year wasn’t a good one for him,” Krzyzewski said of Odom. “He has an opportunity if he comes in shape. He said the [World Championships] were as good an experience as he ever had in basketball. He said, 'I’d love to be given the opportunity to play again.' We would not have won the World Championship without him.”

The final roster will be selected at a training camp that starts in early July in Las Vegas.

“It’s not a tryout,” Colangelo said. “It’s more of a taking inventory where each individual is. Eric Gordon is a good example. He played a week or two of the season. It’s difficult to get a read. We’ll be able to see something in one workout if he’s physically fit.”