With six free agents and little room under the luxury-tax threshold, the Grizzlies are set for an offseason of uncertainty.

"We can't be in the luxury tax business," Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley said. "We've got to make some financial decisions. That's without question.

"But we have to step away from this a little bit and let this settle down. I'm not going to allow myself to have any feelings about the roster right now. I don't want us to look at Game 7 and make decisions for the future. That would be a mistake. You have to look at the season, the players and what's available. But we've got a heck of a lot of talent coming back."

Heisley gave coach Lionel Hollins a vote of confidence.

"There's a helluva lot more to coaching than just lineups," Heisley said. "Please tell the people in Memphis to stop looking for a scapegoat because there is none. I have no less opinion of Lionel Hollins. The reality is Lionel has more knowledge about professional basketball in one finger than I have in my body.

"How can people blame Lionel? The way he brought those young kids along. ... What do people want me to do, get rid of the coach? It's ridiculous. You can't go with more than what got you there. He's the best coach we've ever had because we had the best record we've ever had."