Erik Spoelstra tracks Heat players with an "activity chart," which awards points for statistical categories such as fouls drawn and block outs on rebounding.

"It's basically all the tangible things you do that you don't see on a stat sheet," Heat video coordinator Dan Craig said. "It could be taking a hit or not getting a charge [on offense]. It could be a deflection on a pick-and-roll, you get a deflection but you don't get the steal. It could be everything from a hard close out, running guys off a shot and not necessarily getting a block but taking them off an open shot. He is always at the top of our team's activity chart at the end of every game.

"I think that's what makes him great. He does so much more out there on the court than the average person will see."

James is averaging 9.8 free throw attempts per game in the postseason.

"The average fan might not notice that he's picked up eight fouls for the game," Craig said. "That helps us get in the bonus at the end of the games. You get those attackers attacking and now we're at the free throw line shooting … He really just does so much."