Anthony Davis is virtually a lock to be drafted with the first overall pick regardless of wins Wednesday's lottery.

But Davis is continuing to work hard and remain humble.

"No one knows who is the No. 1 pick," said Davis. "I don't know if I'm going to be the No. 1 pick. It's just a rumor. But I'm a step closer to reaching my dream of playing in the NBA."

Davis said he mirrors his game after Kevin Garnett on offensive -- "he can shoot mid-range and still score in the post" -- and defensively after Serge Ibaka -- he "can alter shots and he's now the best shot blocker in the league."

Anthony Davis Sr., the father of Davis, has been more explicitly nervous about the lottery.

"We've been on edge," Davis Sr. said. "All the guessing will be done (Wednesday) and we'll know where he'll go. He's been focusing on the workout and basketball but we'll find out which way the (ping pong) balls will drop (Wednesday)."