Joe Dumars was asked whether he anticipates drafting to fill or need or to acquire the best player available.

"You go in with a priority of addressing your needs,” Dumars said. “If that player doesn't meet the needs you have in terms of the type of player he is or fitting in to your team, we absolutely take the best player. We still have needs but as you saw with us last year, if we don't feel that player is there, we're going to take the best player available."

The Pistons will pick ninth in next month's draft.

"All of the work that we've been doing for months and months has been geared toward us having the ninth pick," Dumars said. "When your chances are 1.7 percent of moving up to the No. 1 pick, you don't put a lot of stock in that.

"You put all your work into what the ninth pick will be. Without getting into any names right now, it's the names you've probably been seeing in that range for quite some time.”