Bryan Colangelo may be interested in trading Toronto’s lottery pick in next month’s draft in order to bring some proven talent to his roster.

“Obviously if there’s a transaction that warrants moving the pick, we’ll consider that but we’re not actively shopping it,” Colangelo said after league’s draft lottery.

“It’s all going to be a matter of what’s on the board and as you know, the $12 million of flexibility that we have … gives us some options to take on contract,” he said. “It may be committing some or all of the cap space moving forward. We would consider doing that and if it was the right player, a player of a significant caliber, then we would obviously consider upping the ante by including the pick if necessary.”

The Raptors are slotted to pick eighth in the draft.

“Clearly at eight, it expands it (the draft pool) exponentially but that’s what we do,” Colengelo said. “We’ve had a good pulse of this draft. With the lockout-shortened season we had the opportunity to get out and see a lot of games and we’ll take advantage of that now.”

“We actually like this selection at eight,” he said. “Just through some of the preliminary work that we’ve done here over the last four weeks, we’ve walked out of a lot of gyms excited about what we’ve seen.”