Two NBA executives voiced their concern about Bradley Beal, who despite shooting just 33.9 percent from beyond the three-point arc, often draws comparison to Ray Allen.

"I think in a lot of ways, he is going off his reputation coming out of high school, because so many people saw him as a potentially great college player,” one NBA personnel executive said. “And he might still be. But you have to acknowledge there is some risk there. He has a lot of tools, a lot of skills. But the Ray Allen thing, I mean, Ray never shot below 40 percent on 3s in college. That’s the thing—if a guy is a great shooter, you want to see the ball go in the basket. I think you roll the dice on him, for sure, but you have to acknowledge the risk.”

A 6-foot-4 guard with a 39-inch vertical leap, Beal has the physical tools to excel at both ends of the floor.

“He is a prototype 2-guard, he has all the things you’re looking for,” one general manager said. “So many guys coming out of college, they’re one-dribble guys, or they can’t put the ball on the floor at all. Someone like Beal, he can put it on the floor, he can help you create shots. He defends, too. He surprised a lot of people with his D.

"The shooting thing, it is hard to explain, because his mechanics are so good and so consistent. I think he gets it together once he is in an NBA system.”