Carmelo Anthony has lost 12 pounds since the Knicks lost to the Heat in the first round of the playoffs.

"Me and coach Woodson talk, and me and the training staff talk, and there are some things that they would like to see coming back into this season," said Anthony, who visited with Mike Woodson in Los Angeles last week. "Right now, I exceeded their expectations, and when they saw me the other day, they were kind of shocked to see me down in weight. They came to my workout, they saw it. They're actually excited about how much hard work that I'm putting in and the things I'm doing right now."

Anthony found motivation in watching LeBron James lead the Heat to the title.

"The motivation is fun at this point in time just to see those guys and see how excited they were to win that championship and see LeBron overcome everything that he's been going through and that's been said about him," said Anthony, who talked to James and Dwyane Wade right after Game 5. "And for him to finally get it, I couldn't be more excited for him to get that. But for me, it's motivation and it's exciting."