Danny Ainge refuted a report indicating the Celtics made a promise to draft Royce White.

"As a general rule I do not make promises," Ainge said. "I have before, it’s been a while, and we did not make a promise, no. On draft day I’ll have 10 contingency plans and we’re exploring all the trade possibilities and if you make a commitment you’re just taking yourself out of that game. You better be sure you have a chance to get that player."

Ainge is confident the Celtics can find value with 21st and 22nd picks in the draft.

"We have our rankings and I’m aware of all the mock drafts and what people are prognosticating. We have our rankings and that’s really all I care about," Ainge said. "We don’t consider them sliding, they’re still available to us. That’s been the case before in the past. That was the case with Delonte West and Rajon Rondo Rondo and Avery Bradley. Those guys were still there, we had them rated much, much higher."