As owners of Deron Williams’ Bird Rights, the Nets were able to offer one more year and larger pay raises than any other team.

“Honestly, when I thought about my decision and talked to my agent, we never once talked about the extra money,” Williams said. “I don't think it's as relevant as people think, because of the taxes and things like that. There's no state tax in Texas, and you've got city tax in New York. So the money wasn't that big of a difference in the four years to the five years. And I feel like barring any career-ending injury, that I'll have a chance to make that up anyways. I'll be 32. That wasn't my concern. My concern was making a basketball decision as far as the players that I was going to be around.”

Williams cited his comfort level with Billy King and Avery Johnson as a key factor in his decision to sign with the Nets.

“That was a big part of that as well,” Williams said. “I definitely have a good relationship with both of those guys, and that was something that I didn't have so much in Utah. It's different. It's great. I love the organization. They're a family friendly organization, always thinking of ways to be the best, and I like that.”