David Kahn has assembled a roster with position flexibility that seemingly fits right into coach Rick Adelman's scheme.

"I think our roster, if I were to use a word, is versatile," Kahn said. "We have a number of players who can play more than one position. and if Rick wants to go with a bigger look, he can go big. If he wants to go with a smaller look, he can go small. ... Our wing players needed to become more capable of making plays, being better ball handlers. the addition of all the wings we've added has aided us in that area. I think we're better defensively with what we've done."

Minnesota announced the signing of free agent forward Andrei Kirilenko.

“He hits all the boxes were were looking for in finding a player that we didn't have on our roster,” Kahn said. “He's capable of playing multiple positions, capable of being effective and scoring without plays being called for him. He's a very hard cutter, which we think, in our offense, will be a real welcome addition. And he has a lot of big-game experience."