Kobe Bryant is considering playing a season in Europe when he finishes his NBA career.

"It would be natural for me to go do it," said Bryant. "It wouldn't be a stretch at all. I grew up here."

Bryant speaks both Italian and Spanish, and lived in Italy for several years as a child where his father played professionally.

Bryant's decision on where to play would be fascinating.

"You'd have to look at the market and what's going on in terms of the level of basketball being played," Bryant said. "I understand there's a high level of competitive basketball in Turkey now. They might have the best league in Europe. Spain has obviously been one of the top leagues for a long time.

"And Italy is a place that's dear in my heart, I grew up there, but the level is not where it used to be. When I was growing up over there, that was the best league in Europe."

Bryant has two more seasons remaining on his contract with the Lakers.