Avery Bradley expressed his gratitude to Ray Allen in how he helped tutor him offensively during their two seasons together with the Celtics.

"Ray was a great tutor," said Bradley. 

"I'm sad that he's gone, but we all wish the best for him. But he definitely meant a lot. He helped me out every single day. Sometimes I'd just be working out and he'd be watching on the side. He'd get up and tell me what I needed to work on, or tell me how I can be more consistent. I really thank him for that."

Bradley entered the NBA with excellent defensive potential but an offensive game that needed more improvement.

"Ever since my rookie year, all [the veterans would help] because I was so open to learning," Bradley said. "But especially Ray. Once I started playing the 2-guard, he wanted to help me out, so that I could be the best 2-guard I could be."