Kentucky's John Calipari and Baylor's Scott Drew are perceived by their peers as the biggest cheaters in college basketball.

Calipari received 36 percent of the vote, while 34 percent responded Drew.

"Cal probably doesn't have to cheat now as much as he used to, but he's still the standard," said one coach. "The rest of us can't even deal in his league. He's the best."

Drew has been head coach of Baylor since 2003.

"I don't even have to blink when I say the answer," said one coach of Drew. "He's despised by a lot of people because he comes off holier than God. Meanwhile, everyone knows he's had to cheat big-time to get the program to where it's at. If it wasn't for the God stuff he wouldn't rub people the wrong way as much."

Ben Howland of UCLA received 12 percent and Jim Calhoun received seven percent of the votes.

"I've had many conversations with other coaches about [what's believed to be going on at UCLA]," said one coach. "And this is from me, someone not even recruiting the West Coast."